Thursday, December 18, 2008

Obama Maddens the Gays, And Rightfully So.

Who is Obama's choice of a spiritual leader for his highly-anticipated and potentially record-breaking inauguration?  

Jeremiah Wright.  

Ha!  GOT YOU!  No, but seriously, it's totally not Jeremiah Wright.  Though, he really should be.  Jeremiah Wright is his pastor for shit's sake.  And, he is as American and as passionate and as worthy a character to send Mr. Obama--the first African-American President, did we forget that?--into the Presidency. 

But alas, it's some Evangelical, of course.

How could he do this to us progressives?!  Rick Warren--the Evangelical southern California minister--claims he champions tolerance and acceptance at his parish, Saddleback Church; but this is a 'tolerance' champion who, in the same INTERVIEW, discussed his church's help in the AIDS crisis and "compared the 'redefinition of marriage' to include gay marriage [and] legitimizing incest, child abuse, and polygamy."  


I mean, I love Obama as much as you do (maybe not you, but DEFINITELY you), but this is a clear F in Ass to the GLBTA community...pun intended? 

In all seriousness, many have described this as Obama's first mistake and indeed it is. Alienating this community--especially in the wake of Prop 8's passage and especially since this minister actively supported Prop 8--is a terrible idea politically and further, damages his credibility as a progressive.  

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