Monday, December 15, 2008

Blame Game.

Everyone knows that the demise of the Big Three rests on the shoulders of the sniveling, whiny autoworkers.  Right?  Hello?

Please.  The GOP caucus is suddenly heavily invested in the cause of the automakers after blocking the legislation in the Senate that was designed to bridge the failing companies.  The GOP claims that they could not proceed on the legislation since the UAW and its interests had not committed to enough concessions.  

This is ridiculous.  To blame assembly line workers for the massive collapse of multi-billion dollar companies is blame the Enron collapse on the 9-5 cube workers.  

In the first round of bailout pleading, the UAW was the only represented party at the table that came with concessions already made.  What did the CEOs bring?  Oh yeah, a private jet each.

It certainly couldn't be the management of GM, Ford and Chrysler that drove these companies into the blood-red.  No, of course not.  It couldn't have been the decades of relentless lobbying against fuel-efficient technology or environmental responsibility.  No.  Nor could it have been the blind production of Suburbans, Tahoes or Hummers.  Of course not.  The fact that they're drowning in that inventory is irrelevant.  

Come on.  The fact is these companies are mismanaged.  Yes, in part that has to do with the sometimes incestuous relationship with the UAW; however, if two separate car companies can sell nearly an identical number of cars with a disparity of 50 billion (GM lost 25 billion, Toyota gained 25 billion), I think stakeholders, shareholders, and employees deserve some new leadership.

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