Monday, December 15, 2008

Blagojevich is a Douche; Obama Remains the Man.

If you like to frequent the FOX channel of lies or Drudge Report, you may be crossing your arms, raising your eyebrows and saying "told you so."  But, contrary to the misguided reportage you can find, Obama is NOT connected to this scandal.

Let's review:

One of Blagojevich's (ssss.  It's a tough name, let's admit it.  Maybe the cause of his prickly--pun intended--nature) memorable snippets has already cleared Obama: "They're [Obama Team] not willing to give me anything except appreciation.  Fuck them."  I mean, case fucking closed, right?

GOP pundits were drooling over these headlines for a few brief hours, until they realized that borderline fictitious information was needed to fan the flames in their demoralized party.  The result are articles on conservative sites that weakly connect Obama associates like Jesse Jackson Jr. and Rahm Emanuel (who, by the way, have not been charged nor considered suspects) to the Blagojevich.  

Even the most scathing of articles finally conclude that there is no purported wrongdoing on the part of ANYONE connected to, involved with or close to the President-elect.  One of my favorites claims actually reads "the best evidence that Barack Obama is corrupt is that he is a politician from Chicago."  Nice.  Really, nice job.

Others have pointed to Obama's connection with Blagojevich during Obama's state and national Senatorial campaigns and cry out "See! Look! They ARE connected!"  Hmm.  How would it look during a very public campaign for the DEMOCRATIC governor of the state you plan to represent to NOT endorse you?  The Lieutenant Governor admits that he hasn't had a 'real' conversation with Blagojevich since August of 2007.  But, he must be guilty as sin.  

Let's get real.  Obama is not the messiah nor the magician many hope he will be on January 20th, but he certainly isn't Blagojevich's pawn in the despicable game of selfish politics.  

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Chucklyn said...

Well-written, to the point and face-slappingly persuasive!

I agree whole-heartedly.

And I also applaud Obama's refusal to have his (and our) time wasted by reporters insisting on focusing on this non-existent "link" as evidenced by his ardent bitch-slapping in this clip from today's Anderson Cooper 360 (see 0:12).


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