Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gaza War Just Got Brutal.

Same old story, right?  Israelis hate the Palestinians, etc., etc.  Right?  Not so fast.

In this situation, I'm inclined to side with the Israelis.  They, after all, have been getting rockets tossed across their borders ever since Hamas took power in 2007.  And, as Hamas is an internationally-recognized terrorist organization, it seems that the indiscriminate rocket attacks coupled with the threat of worldwide terrorism, Israel has a certain right to attack.

But the reports out today confirm that citizens are not only the majority of the casualties, but that many recently were seriously injured or killed by an attack that struck near a UN school.  Now, we all know that war is shit, it's hell, it's the worst thing in the world; who's to know what really happened, and who's truly to blame for harming and killing innocent people taking refuge from the fighting.  But, at the same time, will this war do anything to promote a successful negotiation of the mutual agreement of land borders?


Israel has the right to protect itself, as does Gaza.  And if any conflict is set to boil over at nearly every moment, it's this one.  Look for a quick toppling of Hamas, but continued strife and an emerging humanitarian crisis in Gaza in the coming weeks.  

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